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MohNoMoreResourcesAvailable increasing in 4.1(3) multicast setup


We have a customer with a CCM 4.1(3)sr7 cluster comprising of a publisher and single subscriber. A number of remote sites use multicast MoH, with the music being streamed from the SRST gateway.

The subscriber is the MoH server for the multicast streams and we are seeing the following errors being reported in the event log (and sent as traps to the NMS system):

CallManager Errors EventID: 3

Error: MohNoMoreResourcesAvailable - No more MOH resources available.

App ID: Cisco CallManager

Cluster ID: CCMPUB-Cluster

Node ID:

Explanation: MOH resource is not available.

Recommended Action: Install additional MOH resources..

The timing of these events seems to correlate with when we would expect MoH to be played at the remote sites setup for multicast (based on timezone). Looking at the gateway we can see the MoH being streamed from flash and we are not aware of any actual problems with MoH not being heard (it may occur on some calls but not be reported).

With Voice Media Streaming App traces set to Error nothing is logged, if set to significant we can see a lot of activity, but nothing that looks out of place (to be honest I am not sure what I am looking for).

RTMT constantly shows 60 MOHMulticastResourcesAvailable and at most shows 2 MOHMulticatsResourcesActive. So there are enough free resources even while MOHOutOfResources is increasing.

The voice media service has been restarted (in fact both servers have been rebooted since the errors began and they are still being seen) and DBLHelper reports everything as OK.

I can see a few people have posted similar issues in the past but cannot see any definitive resolutions. Does anybody have any suggestions on where to look next?

Thanks in advance,


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