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Monitoring CUCM cluster with Zabbix

Hi to all!

Is there any Zabbix template for CUCM version 7.1 for monitoring CUCM cluster? By that I mean, server performances, active calls, IPT registrations, usage of MGCP gateways...anything that could be found by SNMP...

If not, how can I manually create such template in Zabbix (I'm not zabbix guru)? Is it worth doing that or there is some other monitoring tool that has template for CUCM 7.1 (cacti, nagios??).

What are you people using for monitoring/alerting with some history logging?


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Monitoring CUCM cluster with Zabbix

You can walk it and get the values from here...

I made a nagios template a long time ago to allow this to be monitored, but it's been lost to the ether a long time ago.

Not that familiar with zabbix though. I can't see any templates for this. Zabbix looks good though, maybe I'll take a look and make one. It's open source.

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Monitoring CUCM cluster with Zabbix


Yes I found that, but there is some missmatch in data from that document and what server returns to me.

Let's see this one in CISCO-CCM-MIB.oid:

"ccmActivePhones" ""

When I try to snmpwalk on server, I received:

snmpwalk -v 2c -c xyxyxy

iso. = Counter32: 740

iso. = Counter32: 14

iso. = Counter32: 2

iso. = Counter32: 11

iso. = Counter32: 0


so there is no oid-

If I try snmpget:

snmpget -v 2c -c xyxyxy

reasponse is:

iso. = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

CUCM version is 7.1.5

As I see, that CISCO-CCM-MIB.oid is not accurate to my CCM version

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