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Monitoring MTP Utilization with SNMP


i'd like to monitor the MTP Utilization on my CUBE. I thought i could use cdspTotUnusedMtpSess and cdspTotAvailMtpSess. I have 48 channels on the router configured.

Dspfarm Profile Configuration

Profile ID = 1, Service = MTP, Resource ID = 1

Profile Description :

Profile Service Mode : Non Secure

Profile Admin State : UP

Profile Operation State : ACTIVE

Application : SCCP   Status : ASSOCIATED

Resource Provider : FLEX_DSPRM   Status : UP

Number of Resource Configured : 48

Number of Resource Available : 48

Hardware Configured Resources : 48

Hardware Available Resources : 48

Software Resources : 0

Codec Configuration

Codec : g711alaw, Maximum Packetization Period : 30

when i place a call with from a device i thought it uses one of those channels and the number of resources should decreas, but it doesn't. when i do a sh sccp connection i get this output:

sess_id    conn_id      stype mode     codec   sport rport ripaddr

33565606   16780858     mtp   sendrecv g711a   17374 16384

33565606   16780857     mtp   sendrecv g711a   24326 29506

Total number of active session(s) 1, and connection(s) 2

and this i the RTMT Cisco MTP Device ResourceVailable

it seems the mtp ressources are controlled by CUCM instead of CUBE.

So i'd like to monitor the MTP Ressources on the CUCM with SNMP, in the CISCO-CCM-MIB i didn't find anything about MTP Ressources. Any ideas how i can retrieve those values from the CUCM with SNMP?



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