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monthly CDR export - ccm 6.1.2


I have one question regarding monthly CDR export. Is it possible with CUCM6.1.2 ?

I thought it is (and I tried to configure it), but seems it's not working.

Firstly I add new billing server (SFTP) - under CCM Serviceability -> Tools -> CDR Management.

After that I went on CDR Analysis and Reporting -> System -> Scheduler -> Monthly and set to generate reports every 1st of the month.

I was monitor SFTP server and there I got CDR every minute?!?!??!?!?!

I was studying the documentation and I found that this is connected to automatic generation of reports and not directly to CDRs. After that I went on CDR Load and schedule:

Time: 00:00

Loading interval: every 24 hours

Duration: 30minutes

but still I get CDRs loaded on SFTP server every minute.

I also tried to delete that SFTP server and add the new one but still the same.

The last thing that I tried was disabling CDR on both CallManagers (Publisher and Subscriber) and restarting CDR Agnet, CDR Repository Manager and Database Layer Monitor.After all that restart I enabled CDR flags on both call managers and restarted CAR schedulers but still getting CDRs loaded on SFTP server every minute.

Can you pls me tell how to stop CDR generation every minute and how to schedule it to once per month.



New Member

Re: monthly CDR export - ccm 6.1.2

I actually have a similar question. I believe it is related to the System-->Enterprise Parameters setting "CDR File Time Interval". The default setting is 1 minute, so it will create a new file every minute and send it to the Billing Application servers immediately.

I would like to have 2 Billing Application servers and have a different SFTP schedule for each. For example, send 1 minute files to one server and 60 minute files to another server.

I'm not sure if it's possible.


Re: monthly CDR export - ccm 6.1.2

First of all "CDR scheduler" has nothing to do with CDR file export. It's recommended to set CDR scheduler to load CDR 24x7. If you change it to once a month, you'll run into problem very soon.

CDR export frequency was controlled by enterprise parameters "CDR File Time Interval". By default, it's 1 minute. The maximum is 1440 minutes.


New Member

Re: monthly CDR export - ccm 6.1.2

Hi Michael

I have the same thing, The cdr records show up on my billing server ever couple of minutes. Is it possible to get a flat monthly cdr from callmanager to a billing server? Rather than getting hundreds if not thousands of files a month? I am looking for 1 record for the full month sent to my billing server.



Cisco Employee

Re: monthly CDR export - ccm 6.1.2

As Michael has already mentioned the maximum you can define is 1440 minutes = 24 hours

It's not even recommended to move the values as the reason why this is done all the time is to avoid high CPU/Memory when the time comes to close and write the files to the HDD.

The file is written and closed every minute by default, otherwise it would be in memory. AND if something happens to your server during that time ALL the data will be lost.

There is NO solution for just 1 file a month.



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Re: monthly CDR export - ccm 6.1.2

That was the answer I was looking for



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