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Moving CM 3.3 database to V4.1 on a new server.


I?m hoping someone here can give me some advice regarding the following.

I have to upgrade Call Manager 3.3 to Version 4.1, but at the same time, it?s also getting moved onto a new server.

I?ve tried installing V4.1 onto the new server and backing up the database from V3.3 (using BARS), but of course I can?t restore onto the new server as it is a different version.

Is there anyway that I can transfer the database over without having to install V3.3 on to the new server and then upgrading over it?

Thank you in advance for any help.


Re: Moving CM 3.3 database to V4.1 on a new server.

Yes, you can upgrade to CM 4.1 from 3.3 on the new server without having to install version 3.3. You will have to take a BARS backup and during the upgrade state that this is an Upgrade and the installation procedure would ask you for the location of the Backup. Also, here is the link with all the information on how to do it.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Moving CM 3.3 database to V4.1 on a new server.

Hello again,

Thanks for your help, but unfortunately it didn?t work. It actually says in the PDF file that you must install the old version on to the new server and then copy the database across before upgrading.

So I?ve bitten the bullet and went to install the original version, unfortunately it?s Call Manager V3.1 (with a shed load of patches to install to get it up to version 3.3). It gets worse from here as the install disks refuse to install on the new server, complaining that it doesn?t support this hardware (both are Cisco MCS7800 series servers) and after checking the disks, all the files are compressed so I can?t even start the install of Call Manager 3.1.

I was thinking of Ghosting the old server, but been a Raid system, Ghost doesn?t support Raid.

I was hoping I could find a stand alone version of Call Manager V3.3 on the Cisco site, but no luck there, but I guess that?s because its no longer supported.

So I am now out of ideas and I really don?t want to install over the old server up to V4.1, just in case anything goes wrong.

Does any one else have any other ideas please?


Re: Moving CM 3.3 database to V4.1 on a new server.

Yea, looks like you will have to do it with 4.1. Which version of Cm 3.3 do you have, I'm not sure but I think CM 3.3(5) is still being shipped, though I'm not too sure about it. Do note that there is no Web Download available for the complete installation disk for CM. The downloads are only upgrade patches. If you need the CD then, try contacting your Cisco SE/AM or your partner and see if they have a copy of the CDs available.

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