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Moving licenses from UCCX 3.52 to 7.01

Hi All,

I am upgrading a customer from 3.52 to 7.01

we are using new hardware so its basically a new install and manually moving over the data.

I am having issues migrating the licenses.  I have a TAC case open, but its been open for over a week with no real answers.  I get a different message from the person each time then no responses to my questions.  Will requeue in the morning but wanted to post here to see the proper procedure for getting licenses for the new box.

I have the upgrade kit and PAK code for the 7 license

How do i move over all the agent and port licenses as well?  i have the old license file from the old server as well



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Re: Moving licenses from UCCX 3.52 to 7.01

Licensing really sucks at CCX 3.x license migrations, it's not just you.

Port licenses no longer exist in CCX, everything is based off of agents so you can drop that. The next question is were you on CRS 3.5 Enhanced or did you also purchase the Advanced Port license (I think that's what it was called). If you had that license, they need to migrate you to CCX 7 Premium.

As for the LIC files, there are two ways you can do it:

  1. Jump up and down until they just issue you a clean/new CCX 7 LIC for the quantity of agents you had from your old server. Hint: This is more likely to hapen if you "can't find" your old LIC file and just have the Cisco SO number for them to verify entitlement with.
  2. The PAK for 3 to 7 upgrade you have should result in an upgrade LIC. In theory, you can roll this into a ZIP file along with your previous LIC files and upload it to the CCX 7 server. When combined, they should activate the subsystems. I have had spotty results with this since it's such a huge version leap and try to do option one when I can.
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Re: Moving licenses from UCCX 3.52 to 7.01

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for your reply.  How can i tell if its the enhanced? would it be right there on the main page of the ccx server?

your option 1 is what i have been going through.  I keep getting a different answer from the same tac person though :/

I think i'll give your option 2 a try.

So i just put the upgrade license and the old licenses in a .zip file and upload to the server?



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Re: Moving licenses from UCCX 3.52 to 7.01

This has been a while since I have had to do this; however, I believe there was a licensing utility in CRS 3.x. That product came in two versions: Standard or Enhanced. You would see that shown as one or the other. Optionally, if you see an Advanced Port License present, that would entitle the customer to move to CCX Premium.

Again, Cisco should be able to see this as well if provided the relavent SO numbers; however, I doubt anyone currently working in licensing was there when CRS 3.x was out.  I would suggest getting your Channel SE involved as he/she can help push toward a resolution internally.

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Re: Moving licenses from UCCX 3.52 to 7.01

I tried using the existing licenses on the new server but i get the following error and i cannot continue.

Warning: The license for the unrecognized feature name CRS_SASU is not a valid addition for the package None and therefore it will be ignored.
The license cannot be added because, either the license config repository cannot be accessed or the license is invalid. Please specify a valid product license to continue.

I also requeued the case to get someone in my timezone and maybe with a better understanding of the system

thanks again

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