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MS Exchange and Unity Express

Is there any integration is possible with Unity Express and MS Exchange ? If so, what is the level of integration ?

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Re: MS Exchange and Unity Express

Hi Nalaka,

Integrated messaging on Cisco Unity Express is the convergence feature for voicemail and e-mail systems. It allows subscribers to have an integrated view of their e-mails and voice-mail messages from a single e-mail client using IMAP Version 4 rev1.

Subscribers can delete voice-mail messages or mark them as read or unread in a manner similar to e-mail messages.

The voice-mail messages are downloaded as attachments to e-mail messages. Subscribers can access the voice-mail messages over the network or can download them selectively. If the messages are downloaded, subscribers can play them locally using standard media players without requiring a connection to Cisco Unity Express.

Cisco Unified Messaging Feature Comparison

Taking advantage of existing messaging infrastructure and IMAP email clients, Cisco Unity Express desktop messaging access provides simple, native access to voicemail from nearly any email client, providing continuous and global access to messages. Integrated messaging is supported only on Cisco Unity Express network module versions (NM-CUE, NM-CUE-EC and NME-CUE).

Release 3.0 allows integrated messaging on the Cisco Unity Express advanced integration module (AIM-CUE). The maximum number of sessions include up to 6 voice calls, 3 VoiceView Express sessions, or 20 IMAP sessions at any given time.

Configuring Integrated Messaging

Hope this helps!


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Re: MS Exchange and Unity Express

Hi Rob,

Let me thank you for the detailed answer and it gave me a much better picture.

I also have another question..

Usually, in MS Exchange installation, the clients will connect to the Exchange server using either POP or SMTP ( using outlook).

In the case pf Unity Express integration, does the Unity machine have to talk directly to clients ? or, does it talks only to the exchange server ?

If it has to talk to clients directly, My understanding is we have to convert all the existing clients using POP or SMTP have to convert to IMAP ?

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Re: MS Exchange and Unity Express

Hi Rob,

One more question. The CCO doucment Unity express best practices says "All IP phones attached to Unity Express must reside on same LAN segment".

But in my case the LAN is a setup with lot of VLANs. Is is not possible to implement Unity Express in this scenario ?

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