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MTP question

Hi there,

I need some help about MTP, I have a senario which allow people to call a IVR number of the company and prompt the caller what number they want to call out. Basically, its a external call to external call. We need to have the converstion recorded in the company voice recording system.

What we did was to enable MTP on the network so that the call is captured on the MTP enabled voice gateway.

But on our voice recording system we are only seeing ip address of the gateways involved in the transaction. This is a problem when we need to filter the calls. Normally we are able to see the extension number of the calling and called party when internal calls are involved. Which I know the voice recording system get the information from the SCCP.

My question is, for such external call when MTP is enabled are SCCP information lost in the transaction. Is there anyway that I can keep the SCCP information?

Sorry I am quite new in this. I am confused about this as there is a sccp command already configured in the DSP voice router.

Many thanks in advance.


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Re: MTP question

Hi, anyone can help?

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