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Multi-tenant Backups with CUCM 6.1

Hi, is somebody aware of a solution for making a backup only of parts of the cucm database? If there are 5 tenants in an cucm cluster all managing their configurations with a mulit-tenant-application on one database, it would be fine if i could backup and restore only the part of the database changed by one of the tenants. So if two tenants make changes and only the changes of one should be reversed. Many thanks in advance Greetings Nick

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Re: Multi-tenant Backups with CUCM 6.1

Hi Nick

The only way I imagine you could do this is by exporting the parts of the config, and selectively re-importing it as necessary.

For example, if you only allow tenants to manage phones, then export them all weekly/daily using BAT.

Or, you could write some AXL tools to automate this process.

CM isn't massively well designed for multi-tenanting with delegated admin - e.g. you can't 'partition' admin such that tenant A can't manage tenant B's handsets and so on.

In this scenario I would seek to use an AXL front-end to provide limited access to the tenants for admin, so that it's difficult for them to create issues that require a restore.



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Re: Multi-tenant Backups with CUCM 6.1

Hi Aaron,

thank you for your response.

yes, that's what we use for the tenants. There are several applications managing tenant Admin access like or so access is restricted on tenants personal configurations. I'm looking for a solution to restore the phones and/or settings of one tenant without affectiong the settings of another, when rebuilding a crashed publisher by Disaster Recovery System for example. So if i understood you right you mean a possible way is to export not only the settings of the managmentsoftware (for example TIM) but making BAT-listings of the made configs to reuse them after rebuild?



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