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Multicast Paging and CCM 5.X


having a little issue with a paging solution im trying to setup. the paging uses multicast to operate properly and i have no idea as to where to start configuing.

my customer network is simple

a cisco 3560 switch - ip base - which has a voice and data vlan as well as trunk ports to the CCM and Router.(Router on a stick topology)

i cant get audio but can get text. I have disabled IGMP snooping on the switch but this does not work. i have it setup in the lab without vlans and the system works fine. to be honest this is the first for me and multicast and although the documenation seems to be clear it seems as though im just not geting it.

any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance


Re: Multicast Paging and CCM 5.X

You will need to setup multicast routing between vlans on the 3560.

ip multicast-routing.

int vlan 101

description voice vlan

ip pim sparse-dense-mode

int vlan 102

description voice vlan

ip pim sparse-dense-mode



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Re: Multicast Paging and CCM 5.X

one problem, im running ip base and there are no ip multicast commands there only IGMP commands are present.

can i use the router instead?.. other than that ill have to upgrade the switch to IP servces Feature set.

Re: Multicast Paging and CCM 5.X

You can use a router, if you change the routing through a router on a stick model. 3560 would need to be reconfigured as a L2 switch.

Or the simple way would be to upgrade the image to a better feature set. that supports Multicast routing

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