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Multiple Auto Attendants in CME?

Is it possible to have multiple auto attendants in CME 4.0?


Re: Multiple Auto Attendants in CME?

What are you using for the AA? Is it the Flash Loaded TCL's or CUE. With CUE yes it is possible. With the Flash load TCL's, it is also possible, but you will have create multiple TCL's with different names and dialpeers that point to each script when a certain DID is called.

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Re: Multiple Auto Attendants in CME?

We're using CUE. It's a two site CME environment with centralized vm at one site. But we'd like inbound call to have AA's that are tailored to their specific site.

Re: Multiple Auto Attendants in CME?

So yes it can be done. You will need to have the appropiate dialpeers set to point to the site with CUE module and at that site it have dialpeers to forward on to the cue module locally. Keep in mind that CUE only supports G711 so a transcoder will need to be done on calls that are g729 unless you force g711 all the way through. Make sure you have this statement on each cme.

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allow-connections SIP To SIP

allow-connections SIP to h323

allow-connections h323 to SIP

allow-connections h323 to h323.

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