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Multiple Call Pickup Groups


so here is a scenario im encountering presently, hopefully someone can say if its correct or not.

i have two teams, say A and B. team A is in Call Pickup group A and B is in B. this works fine. Now i have an 800 services that goes to a hunt. this hunt combines teams A and B. i created a hunt group (800-services) and a new pickup group (800-serv). i assigned the hunt group, the pickup group 800-serv. i also assigned teams A and B to be part of that pickup group.

therefore, This is what i have

TEAM A - PICKUP group 121, 123

TEAM B - PICKUP group 122,123

800-SERV - PICKUP group 123,121,122

Now when i call 800-services i cant do a pickup but can do a group pickup. the only way i can get everything to work is when i assign teams A and B to pickup group 800-serv. the issue with this is that they can also pickup each others call which is not what we want to acheive.

in a nutshell, teams should be separate but be able to pickup with 800-services only.

i hope i have not been too confusing and thanks in advance for any assistance.

PS. running CCM 5.1.2(B) and phone displays " no call available for pickup"


Re: Multiple Call Pickup Groups

any ideas on if if doing this incorrect or not?

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