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Multiple CLI presentation policies on an E1

Hi, can anyone help with this. I have an office where the outbound CLID is restricted, but I need to change this to restricted for some users, their DDI presented for another department and also a main number presented for another department.

Our service provider says they can pass-through whatever we present to them.

We are running CM6.1 and the gateway is MGCP E1. I understand how you can set it on either the Gateway or on the Route Pattern but what is the best way to get some users displaying one thing and others displaying something different or nothing at all.

Many thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: Multiple CLI presentation policies on an E1

Hi Jeremy,

Is using the "External Phone Number Mask" setting on each line an option? Whatever you configure here will be sent as the calling party number if the route pattern selected is configured to use the external phone number mask.

If your service provider will pass through whatever you present to them, you could configure an imaginary number on the phones of those whose number should be restricted. Others could have their actual numbers or the main number as needed.



New Member

Re: Multiple CLI presentation policies on an E1

Thanks Michael, I suppose I could have the phones for the users that need to stay restricted in a different partition and then use a different route pattern to keep them hidden. But we do use extension mobility so it is not ideal. I don't like the idea of an imaginary number as that is likley to cause confusion.

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