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Multiple NFAS PRI Groups on Same Gateway - Control Access to Each Group

I am using CallManager 6.01 and have an H323 gateway with 3 NFAS PRI groups. These NFAS groups are intended to be used by specific Departments within a single Agency. Everyone will be dialing 9 as their steering code. Since this must be an H323 gateway because of NFAS, I do not have a method to control each Departments access to their specific NFAS group. We do not want to give each Department a separate steering code. Since you can only bind H323 to one interface on the gateway, you cannot simulate multiple gateways. Does anyone have an idea on how to allow everyone to dial 9, yet when the call makes it to the H323 gateway, have them use their own group of NFAS PRI's? I am thinking of trying separate partitions of course, but when they dial the pattern, append some random digits and then key on them on the dial-peers. Seems kind of goofy though. Hoping someone has a better solution.



Re: Multiple NFAS PRI Groups on Same Gateway - Control Access to

An NFAS group is a set of bearer channels (DS0s) that are controlled by a NI2C signaling channel (D-channel). This set of bearer channels is one or more T1 or E1 spans. An NFAS group is an interface to which calls can be routed on the GW. An NFAS group can be specified in an outgoing POTS dial-peer on the GW as the destination interface to which calls can be routed. On the SC2200 the NFAS group is called a NAS signaling path (NAS sigPath or naspath).

In wholesale voice applications the T1/E1 interfaces on the GW may be connected to different PSTN switches. Calls to different switches must be routed to different NFAS groups.

The current limitation is that only one NFAS group can be configured per RLM group and this allows routing to one PSTN switch only.

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