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multiple numbers treatment in SRST

Hello everybody,

I am designing a CME as SRST solution with CUCM 8.6 in HQ and CME as SRST in remote sites.

I have a PRI in the remote site with bunch of DIDs as well as couple of 1800 numbers on the same circuit. My question is how can I translate/treat 1800 number to terminate to the AA script when gateway is in CME as SRST mode? In normal situation, everything is going to CUCM and those numbers are being translated to the Unity Connection AA call handler DN.

Thanks in advance.

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multiple numbers treatment in SRST

You would use lower preference dial-peers.

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multiple numbers treatment in SRST

What protocol are you using to control your circuits (i.e. PRI) is it MGCP, H323, SIP? If H323 or SIP just do what Paolo suggest, if MGCP you will obviously need to create a new dial-peer for H323 fallback.


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multiple numbers treatment in SRST

Exactly as what Paolo and Chris suggest.

If it is a MGCP gateway, you can have the Dial-peers for the AA along with the other SRST mode dial-peers (PSTN / VOIP calls).

If it is a H323 Gateway, have the dial-peer with lower preferences.

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Re: multiple numbers treatment in SRST

Thanks for the quick replies all.

It's a H.323 gw. I will give preference a shot and let you guys know.

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