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Multiple questions regarding 7960 IP phones

Hello all,

We recently rolled out Cisco 7900 IP phones (7940, 7960, 7970) to one of our offices in New York and this is my first attempt at being the IP phone support guy. I have a few remaining questions left to answer from some of the end users and can't seem to find the answers anywhere.

Could someone out there be so kind as to help me with these?

Questions from users:

1- When I'm on a conference call, I want all other incoming calls to go directly to voicemail so I'm not disturbed on the conference call. How do I do this?

2- Everyone else has a Confrn softkey and an AbbrDial softkey except for my phone? How do I get these softkeys to appear on my phone?

3- On a shared line (same directory number on 2 phones), if one person is on the shared line and a 2nd call comes in on that line, will the 2nd call be shown on the display of both phones?

4- Our office cannot dial 9, then 411 for information. When we call it, we hear 2 rings and then "we're sorry. your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again or dial the operator for help. This is a recording". Does this mean we don't have 411 as a service on our PRI or is something up with the dial plan/routing perhaps?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Multiple questions regarding 7960 IP phones

Q1 you can use the iDivert key to push the call to your voicemail

Q2 check your phone template and see if you are using the same template as the others

Q3 Yes

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Re: Multiple questions regarding 7960 IP phones

1. You can use iDivert or set the "busy trigger" setting on the line to 1 which will disable call waiting and force second call into callForwardBusy which is typically set to VM

2. Check the template for Confrn, the AbbrDial is actually not part fo the template, to get the feature enter digit on the phone while the handset is on-hook, the softkey should appear

3. Correct

4. Seems that the 9.411 route pattern is assigned to parition which is not included in these phones' Calling Search Space.

HTH, please rate all posts!


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Re: Multiple questions regarding 7960 IP phones

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you regarding this. Been very busy around here.

Regarding the template for Confrn and AbbrDial, I checked that the user has the same template as everyone else and these features work for everyone else in the office. Just this one phone appears to have this problem.

Do I need to resort to deleting the phone and adding back?

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Multiple questions regarding 7960 IP phones

1. If you are initiating a conference call, before starting the call the user can hit the Call Forward All softkey (CFwdAll), then the messages button. This will forward their phone directly to voicemail.

If the user is joined to the conference call, they can hit the Hold softkey to put the conference on hold, hit the NewCall softkey, then hit the Call Forward All softkey (CFwdAll), then the messages button. This will again forward the phone to voicemail. Then hit the Resume softkey to go back to the conf call.

2. Note that the Confrn softkey does not appear until you are already on a call (the phone is smart enough to know you can't start a conference until you are already on a call).

4. Along with checking partitions and CSS, make sure you have a 9.411 Route Pattern and make sure you are stripping PreDot (to remove the 9) before sending to the PSTN. On the gateway debug ISDN Q931 will display exactly what is being sent to the PSTN.

HTH, Rob.

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