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Multiple "lines" on SCCP FXS ports (stcapp)


This system is a CME 4.2 on a 2811.

There is a cordless phone hooked up to a VIC2-2FXS (stcapp mode) at ext 4205. They want the cordless phone to ring when 4203 rings (on a 7960G) and be able to answer the line.

I always heard that analog ephones must only have one button programmed to them, but is it possible to add a 2nd line to an ephone pointing to an stcapp-enabled port?



Re: Multiple "lines" on SCCP FXS ports (stcapp)

Try a broadcast hunt group that has 4205 and 4203 in it?

I did something similar, but using CCME. Mine was a shared line between multiple IP Phones and the cordless phone. Analog FXO port would ring the shared line on all IP phones and the cordless phone.

CCME has the ability to add a secondary number to an ephone-dn tag. I haven't tried it on an stcapp controlled phone. CallManager doesn't have that ability, so does you no good.

You will have to play around with various things and see what works for your situation. In my situation, the cordless phone could only have the equivalent of max calls = 2, busy trigger = 1.

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Re: Multiple "lines" on SCCP FXS ports (stcapp)

I temporarily fixed this problem using overlay DN's. Only bug is that I can't transfer any calls off of the cordless phone...

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Re: Multiple "lines" on SCCP FXS ports (stcapp)

Doesn't the FAC work for you? Have you enabled FAC under telephony-service ?

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Re: Multiple "lines" on SCCP FXS ports (stcapp)

FAC is enabled but you cannot do anything to a call that is on a line that has a trunk-port monitor instruction (like a key system line).

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