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New Member

Multiple Sites

We currently have 2 locations.  At both locations, we are using CME 7.x.  With our old PBX system, we were able to see when an employee was using the phone by an indicator light showing that the person's phone was in use...and it also had a DND function that we could tell the person put their phone on DND.  With the CME, i'm not able to figure out a way for the branch offices to know if someone is on the phone at another site.  It works "interoffice", but it will not work between 2 different CME's.  Does anyone have any kind of insight how we could resolve this issue...or is there another option that we could do?

Cisco Employee

Re: Multiple Sites

There isn't any native way to send line status/presence information across a VoIP trunk between two CMEs.

You have a couple options though:

* Aggregate both CME sites onto the same CME router, and use a VPN concentrator at one site.

* Install UCC (Unified CallConnector) Server, and peer both CME sites to UCC.  Then you can install the UCC client on the user's PCs, and their 'buddy list' will show the line states for the different sites' users.

-Steve Holl

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