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Music on Hold Delay from Closed Greeting Call Handler


I've setup a queuing system between CM 4.1(3) and Unity 4.1.1

Basically a cti transfers to unity call handler, plays a greeting, and based on time of day, transfers either to a local number hunt group, or outside through the PSTN to a long distance number in the US (We are in Canada) hunt group. If nobody answers the US Call, the call routes back to Canada through the PSTN to a CTI back to a hunt group, and if nobody answers again, it goes to Voicemail.

The problem I'm having is this version of Unity does not have the "Alternate Extension" so I have to create call handlers that go to cti's that transfer out to the PSTN. This works, however, when the call comes back to Canada from the States, there is a delay in the time CM releases the call to either the agent or the voicemail. It's about 2 seconds.

So The caller has music on hold (Supervised Transfer), if it goes to voicemail, the greeting starts playing while the caller is still hearing music. Same thing happens when the answering party answers the phone, the caller still hears music for 2 seconds while the agent is already anaswering the phone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or if you need clarification please let me know

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Re: Music on Hold Delay from Closed Greeting Call Handler

Sorry, Not Alternate extension, but Alternate Contact.

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