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MWI Issues between Unity 7.0 and Exchange 2010

Dear Cisco Forum,

I am assisting with what is becoming a major issue in regards to their voice messaging solution.

We are running Call Manager v7.1.3 with Unity 7.0(2) and are migrating to Exchange 2010.

As what appears to be a common theme with these type of integrated solutions, there appears to be minimum knowledge of Exchange amongst the Voice team and vice-versa.

Conducting my own tests - here is what is currently happening:

Test 1) I leave a message on my extension calling from another extension - an email is received and MWI is activated on my phone. If I listen to my voicemail from Outlook or delete the message from my inbox, this deactivates my MWI as expected.

Test 2) I leave a message on my DDI calling from a mobile phone - no email is received and no MWI is activated on my phone. If I dial into my voicemail no messages are present.

For the last 3 weeks we have had failed results with Test 1 and receiving similar results as Test 2 although the only difference would be we would receive an email notification but no MWI. This issue has since been stabilised.

Now we are experiencing major issues with Test 2 which is causing major concerns across the company as we are unaware of customers dialling in and leaving messages for us.

I am unsure as to what to troubleshoot (being traditionally a data/firewall engineer) but I would like to take this oppotunity to learn and pass on the forum's experiences.

What checks can i conduct and what tests can i suggest to the team?

Your assistance would be appreciated as always.

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MWI Issues between Unity 7.0 and Exchange 2010


IMO, the best first step is to review the Exchange 2010 integration guide for Unity.  You'll want to ensure that you're up to speed on all of the associated tasks required to support the integration.  Here is a link to that document:

FYI:  This isn't a standard installation guide that is several hundred pages long.  It is specifically focused on Exchange 2010.

Also, you said you were "migrating" to 2010 - so can you confirm which version of Exchange is currently integrated with Unity (e.g., 2003, 2007)?


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Re: MWI Issues between Unity 7.0 and Exchange 2010

thanks for your help with this one.

Looks like I have homework to do so I get stuck into these docs.

So to answer your question first of all - we're migrating from 2003. Everything was working before hand and there weren't any major MWI or message delivery issues to my knowledge. The issue only became prominent as we began to systematically migrate departments and branches to 2010. Are they're known issues or pitfalls to watch over with such a migration?


Re: MWI Issues between Unity 7.0 and Exchange 2010

It's not uncommon to hear that Exchange 2010 migrations occur without accounting for the Unity integration and inherent dependencies it has on AD and Exchange to function properly. To add Exchange 2010 to your environment and support users being on either version, you'll need to make sure that all of the tasks in the first section of that document have been completed. One of the last steps, which is to optionally change the partner Exchange server for Unity, may or may not apply...those considerations are outlined later in the document (i.e., choosing which version to partner with). In environments where the systems are managed separately, you'll most likely need to work with someone on the Exchange side to verify details and/or perform some of the tasks.

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Re: MWI Issues between Unity 7.0 and Exchange 2010

OK. So it looks like things are sitting stable at the moment. External and internal calls are falling to VM and MWI and Outlook notifications are working.

Going through the history of this fault it appears that they went through the Message Store Configuration Wizard and operation has been stable since. However things sat stable before and the issue kept popped up again ... so lets watch this space for a little while longer and see what happens ...

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MWI Issues between Unity 7.0 and Exchange 2010


If you are migrating from exchange 2003 to 2010 the migration process clearly says u need to uninstall exchange 2003 then install 2010. then only MWI will work properly. I has faced this problem and this solution works for me. please try this solution.



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