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MWI Issues with Nortel/Unity Integration

This is the configuration:

Nortel SL100 with Meridian mail intergrated with Unity using PIMG's.

We have a subscriber for Nortel configured in Unity.

When we try and light MWI over the SMDI link it will work if the primary extension is

configured on line 1 of the nortel phone.

If the primary message waiting key is

configured on any other line of the nortel

phone the nrtel system will respond with an error that the extension does not exist.

Is there anything that needs to be done on the unity side to tell nortel what key is the primary MWK (Message waiting Key)?

I know this is not a great explanation but I am really new to this type of integration.

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Re: MWI Issues with Nortel/Unity Integration

This is interesting. I spoke to a Nortel SL100 switch tech this morning on this very issue. We have a SL100 with a Serial Integration via T1MGs. It is my understandign that the SL100 can only light the light of the Primary extension on the phone. We have multiple extensions on our phones, but we have made the rollover lines an alternate extension to the Unity Mailbox and tell Unity to light what ever extension is on the 1st key.

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Re: MWI Issues with Nortel/Unity Integration

We also have the alts set up but still not getting MWI if the primary is above key 1. Thats where i'm stuck

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