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MWI Light not working

We have 3 buildings, 2 are on Cisco VoIP System, and 1 is on an Avaya Digital System. The only piece of hardware we have in the Avaya building is a 2901 Gateway. This allows 4-digit dialing as well as connection to the Unity Server for voicemail. All users are on Cisco Unity Voicemail. I restarted the Cisco VoIP server early last week and we did not have any problems. However, the users may not have noticed until this week, but we have over a dozen users that are stating their MWI is not lighting on the phone when they have a new voicemail. It is not all users, and seems to be working properly in the buildings that we have Cisco VoIP phone system. I was wondering if a power-cycle of the 2901 Gateway in the Avaya building will correct this, or if there is something else I need to check/fix. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. CISCO VoIP System Info: Cisco Unity Connection version: 8.6.2ES25.21900-25 CM Admin System version: On 2 C200M2 Servers

Can the affected users dial

Can the affected users dial the MWI On & Off numbers? If no, verify the Trunk on both sides.



HTH Regards, Yosh
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Thank you yahsiel.They don't

Thank you yahsiel.

They don't have that option.  They can dial / access voicemail properly and the 4-digit dialing between the Avaya and Cisco Systems is working properly.  I assume the power cycle of the gateway may fix this then, since all other phone system functions are working properly?

Which option don't they have?

Which option don't they have? Are you using SIP or SCCP integration, on your Cisco Unity Connection server?



HTH Regards, Yosh
New Member

Excuse my ignorance, but

Excuse my ignorance, but where would I find if we are using SIP or SCCP?  Learning as we go.


Also, I don't believe I understand what you mean by dialing the MWI On & Off numbers - they can dial the 4-digit number to access there voicemail, but that is all we ever do.


Once again sorry, and your help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

If you have a SIP Trunk to

If you have a SIP Trunk to the CUC then it's a SIP Integration.

In CUCM if you go under "Advanced Feature>Voicemail>Message Waiting" you will find a MWI On & Off Directory number (If its a SCCP Integration).

Configuration Guides:



HTH Regards, Yosh
New Member

It is SCCP. In CUCM, if I go

It is SCCP.


In CUCM, if I go under "Users---Message Waiting Indicator", the Enabled column is checked for all users.


Thanks again.  

Hi Kindly check the MWI



Kindly check the MWI configuration from CUC - go to telephony Integration - Port group - you will find MWI on & off check if you type the correct ext. as the MWI on & off which are configured on CUCM. Kindly check attached for screenshots from CUC & CUCM config.



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Hi Kindly dial from any IP


 Kindly dial from any IP phone  the mwi on ext then dial mwi off . if the phone led become red after dialing mwi on , then the disappear after dial mwi off , that means mwi on & off configured properly on you cucm , if not so we have to get a screenshot of cucm configuration for MWI on & off.



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Thank you so much. Just

Thank you so much.


Just returned from a 3 hour meeting regarding a VoIP rollout in another county.  I will take a look at this later today or early next week and post results.  Truly appreciate it.

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Sorry for any confusion and

Sorry for any confusion and thanks again however, as stated in my initial message, we have 3 buildings - 2 running Cisco VoIP and 1 running Digital Avaya - they are all on Unity voicemail and the Avaya system is connected to the VoIP system via a 2901 Gateway.

The Cisco Unity for the 2 buildings that have Cisco VoIP are SCCP and the Avaya System is connected to Cisco Unity via SIP - sorry.

I attached 2 word docs with print screens of the Port Group pages thant you asked me to review.


Any more help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

New Member

There were about 15 users we

There were about 15 users we knew of with this issue - I tested disabling their MWI, then saving, then re-enabling the MWI, and saving and this actually worked.  I did it for the rest of the users and have heard back from half and all their MWI's are now working - thanks so much for all of your help, but a simple diable/enable seemed to fix it.  Just curious as to what would cause this.  As I said, they only thing I did was restart the servers almost 2 weeks ago.


Hope this thread may help someone else in the future.  I guess just like restarting a computer fixes 99% of problems, a simple disable/enable fixed this one.  Thanks again.