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MWI Light

I have a couple users having issues with their message waiting indicator lights. One users light is always lit every morning with no messages waiting. The other users light is lit at random times.

I have checked both users set up in communications manager and their unity connection set up. I have also reset their phones to factory settings but the problem remains. I have also removed and readded their voicemail boxes but this is still a problem.

We are running Communications Manager 6.0 and Unity Connection 4.0. I have yet to try updating firmware or replacing the phones themselves but was wondering if anyone has seen this problem or can provide any additional advice.



Re: MWI Light

This link should help:

To find the MWI - OFF DN (just in case :)

In CCM look up the MW-Off number (Feature>Voicemail>Message Waiting>Directory Number>Message Waiting Indicator Off )

This will be a Directory Number like perhaps 2600. Go to the phone, press the Line button, dial 2600 and the MWI Lamp/Icon and Message will turn off. You can also go in to Unity and do a refresh on the MWI's.

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Re: MWI Light

I have reset the MWI a few times. MWI indicator was set to Off.

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Re: MWI Light

The problem could be that we don''t have a good connection with the domain controller and the sync of MWI it's not good , so could you please follow the next proceedure to forcedreconnect the unity with the domain controller.

Can you please open the Tools Depot > expand Administration Tools> double click on

DG/GC reconnect settings > Continue > click on Force Reconnect for both tabs

Domain Controllers and Global Catalog.

In Tools Depot go to > Switch Integration Tools > Double click on Telephone

Integration Manager > Expand the server > Properties and under MWI sychronization

for this integration click on Resynchronize now

Restart the following services.






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