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MWI not working (CCUE 3.2 with CME 4.2)


I have problem regarding MWI not working when vociemail box have new mail.I have tested maully the DN for MWI on and Off it works but but some one drop a Voice mail message my IP phone havnt show MWI on on my IP phone.

Please help me out .


dial-peer voice 800 voip

destination-pattern 800

session protocol sipv2

session target ipv4:

codec g711ulaw

no vad

ephone-dn 18 dual-line

number 101

label Ramya

description 101

name Ramya

call-forward busy 800

call-forward noan 800 timeout 10

corlist incoming NationalUser

hold-alert 30 originator

ephone-dn 49

number 803...

mwi on



ephone-dn 50

number 804...

mwi off

New Member

Re: MWI not working (CCUE 3.2 with CME 4.2)

Hi There,

I am having the the same issue. Have you had in success in resolving it.

The setup works on NM-CUE but not on AIM-CUE.

New Member

Re: MWI not working (CCUE 3.2 with CME 4.2)

yeap.I have add dial-peer in CME with incoming destination pattern command and destination patttern would be like (on and off MWI with three idigit extension number)

dial-peer voice 999 voip

incoming called-number 80[3-4]...

codec g711ulaw

no vad

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