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MWI not working couple of users

MWI is not working for couple of users. Verified the CUCM configuration and able to turn-on and off the MWI from the phone. Reviewed the configuration and micro traces on the Unity and Unity is getting successful completion of MWI notification. I am also able to send notification to email but MWI just doesn't work for couple of users. It works for other users. All the users are using the same exchange server and same mailstore. Checked the switchID from the SQL and from the report and it's matching with the UTIM.

There is no conflict in the dial-plan in CUCM. CSS and MWI setting are correct. Changed the physical phones also. Running out of options.

Thank you in advance,


Re: MWI not working couple of users

Hi -

Here is something to check from the users' client side - do they have an Outlook rule that automatically moves the voice messages to another folder other than the primary Outlook inbox or as some users will do, to a PST file saved on a network drive? In these examples, MWI is not triggered on the phone.

Regards, Ginger

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Re: MWI not working couple of users

Thank you for the response but Message is in the Inbox and according to Unity MWI is ON.

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Re: MWI not working couple of users


Looks like you have already checked lot of things just to add to that few more points

1.Were these users migrated from some other exchange?

2.Have you tried deleting and recreating the users/subscriber in unity ?

3. Did you already try the resync mwi now option in UTIM ?

4. Are these users in seprate partition ?

I mean check the check for the difference between a working user or not working user phone configuration.



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Re: MWI not working couple of users

All of them have been checked. Deleted and recreadted the account and also assigned the extension on the working phone to check. All the phone are in the same partition. Any other ideas.

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Re: MWI not working couple of users

was is working fine for these users at any point of time ?

If yes when did it broke ?I mean something must have chnaged.

Were there any patches installed on Exchange server ?

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