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MWI not working - CUCM 10 with Microsoft Exchange UM 2010

Before I beat my head against the wall trying to troubleshoot this, I thought I would ask the community in case someone already figured it out.   I've got CUCM 10 working with MS Exchange Unified Messaging 2010 SP1 for voice mail and that works fine.  What's not working is the message waiting indicator (MWI) on the phones.  I have an Avaya system also and MS UM works fine with the Avaya for MWI, but not with CUCM.   I followed a document I found on Microsoft's site for configuring the SIP trunks between CUCM and Exchange UM.  As far as I can tell it's all set the way the document describes, even the SIP trunk security profile.  

Do you have any ideas about why this isn't working?...places I can go look for clues?  

Here's the error message that shows up in the Exchange server when it tries to turn on the message light for a CUCM phone:

The Unified Messaging server failed to deliver the MWI notification '1/1 (unread/read)' for the UM-enabled mailbox 'Doe, John' associated with UM extension '48882'. Until this problem is corrected, the MWI state for this user may be out of sync. Additional information: 
There are no more targets available to send an MWI message for user Doe, John. 
Server CUCM_10_GW1 failed with 400 Bad Request message-account - 1

CUCM_10_GW1 refers to the 'gateway' in Exchange, which is the CUCM server I created the SIP trunks to.   On the Exchange side of course, it's just defined as another UM gateway.  On the CUCM side, it's a SIP trunk going to Exchange.  

I made sure I checked the obvious things like making sure MWI was allowed in Exchange for that particular policy and gateway but I must be missing something.

Any ideas?   I'm stumped.  Is it something related to the phone setup in CUCM?...or something related to the SIP trunk setup in CUCM?...or ???   I think the problem is on the Cisco side, since it has worked fine with Avaya and there's only a couple things you can possibly change/check on the Exchange side and I've already checked the Exchange side several times.  

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I figured out what was

I figured out what was happening via a Wireshark trace on the MS Exchange UM server.  There are two gateways in UM associated with the same UM Dial Plan.  I decided to reuse the same dial plan in UM and simply add a new UM gateway (CUCM) so I didn't have to disable people on the old dial plan and re-enable them on the new dial plan that has the CUCM as the UM gateway.   Everything works fine when you do that, but apparently UM is still trying to use the Avaya link as the gateway to turn on my message light on the Cisco phone.  I'm not sure there's any way to fix this other than creating a new dial plan in UM that's only associated with the CUCM as the gateway or to remove the Avaya gateway, which I can't do yet.   But, at least I know what's going on now...

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