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MWI Problems

When we first got our IPCC system almost a year ago changes were made to the Calling Search Spaces and Partitions which caused a problem with our shared line voicemails. Cisco wasn't able to fix it and neither were the people that set it up but I figured it out by playing with the CSS and Partitions. A few months later for no reason that I can think of our MWI stopped working for shared lines again and I haven't been abel to figure it out since. We have a confusing setup but I'll try to explain it the best I can.

Every user has 3 lines, the first line is their UCCX line that is on the PT_UCCX partition and uses the CSS_UCCX Calling Search space. The next line is their personal line (where their personal voicemail goes) and that is on the PT_Internal partition and CSS_Internal CSS this MWI WORKS. The next line is a shared line that is used because we're essentially split up into 12 different facilities and the callers have no direct agent to talk to and we don't want them to do that. This line which is the one that I need fixed is on a partition that is PT_LD and Calling Search Space that is CSS_LD. The shared line is the one where the MWI does not work. If I dial the MWI off number it does not turn off the MWI envelope.

Now logic would tell you to make the shared line that is PT_LD PT_Internal like the one that's working but the problem is that because of IPCC we have translation patterns using the shared line numbers.

Any ideas? The main thing is I just want multiple agents to be notified when there is a message in a shared voicemail whether it be by voicemail or whatever I don't care.

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Re: MWI Problems

The important thing here is what CSS is applied to the VM ports assigned to MWI, as those have to have access to the PT_LD.

Find out what CSS your VM ports are using and ensure that this PT is listed there. Also, do you potentially have overlaps in your dial plan? Are the extensions in VM the same as on CM?


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