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Nagios Voice Alerts

Hi all, I hope you can help me out here or point me in the right direction.

I'm running CCME 4.1 along with unity express 2.1 and I use Nagios to monitor my servers, Routers and Switches.

What I would like to do is set-up Nagios so its escalation send me a text on the first alert which I have done but on a second alert I would like for my CCME to call me and play a pre-recorded message to me, not sure if that would be CCME or Unity, I think I heard it called call hand off.

Not sure if this can be done with what I have, do any of you know if it can?

My current Installed Packages:

- Installer 2.1.3

- Bootloader (Primary) 2.1.2

- Infrastructure 2.1.3

- Global 2.1.3

- GPL Infrastructure 2.1.3

- Voice Mail 2.1.3

- Bootloader (Secondary) 2.1.2

- Core 2.1.3

- Auto Attendant 2.1.3




Re: Nagios Voice Alerts

To enable this trap, you need to enable ccmPhoneStatusUpdateAlarmInterval and ccmPhoneFailedAlarmInterval each. These values only are enabled via snmp set command such like net-snmp or tools in openview.

ccmPhoneFailedAlarmInterval OBJECT-TYPE

SYNTAX Integer32 (0 | 30..3600)

UNITS "seconds"

MAX-ACCESS read-write

STATUS current


"The minimum interval between sending of the ccmPhoneFailed

notification in seconds. The ccmPhoneFailed notification is

only sent when there is at least one entry in the

ccmPhoneFailedTable and the notification has not been sent

for the last ccmPhoneFailedAlarmInterval defined in this

object. A value of 0 indicates that the alarm notification

is disabled."

DEFVAL { 0 }

::= { ccmAlarmConfigInfo 2 }

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