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Name Lookup-Unity Connection Auto Attendant


I have a setup-CUCM 8.X Cluster and Unity Connection 8.X with IP phones registered globally. Each office has a seperate dial plan(Partition, CSS..) but can directly dial 4 digit extension of remote offices for on-net calls.Autoattendant for front offices are configured on Unity Connection with the option to search global users by name through directory handler.All voicemail box are configured as 4 digit extension. We have multiple global offices with phones registered to single CUCM cluster. We will be disabling 4 digit dialing between remote global offices shortly on CUCM. Will this impact calls routed through directory handler(name lookup) through AA ? as it might request to route 4 digit user extension(as  4 digit extension configured on user voicemail box) to CUCM which will plan to be diable. Is there a way Directory handler forwards the name lookup query to CUCM user directory where I have configured a routable number in User configuration "Telephone Number"?



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Name Lookup-Unity Connection Auto Attendant

No, there is no way to query CUCM, your extensions on CUCM and UCON should be the same at all times to avoid this kind of issue. Here is what I normally do with variable length dial plan if that is what you are going to:

assume DNs are 8 digits long

define the DNs on CUCM as such (all DNs should normally be in the same partition, there is no reason to have them in different partitions unless you need to block calls from one site to another, keep in mind jtapi for example is not partition aware so this creates conflicts)

create translation patterns to allow local 4 digit dialing

define the extension in UCON as 8 digit extension in global partition, add alternate 4 digit partition in site specific partition to allow addressing via 4 digits



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