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need help: cisco 7920 ip wireless phone

cisco 7920 ip phone

firmware v; 7920.4.0-03.02

hardware info: 4.0

trying for two days I cannot get this phone to associate with my 1242 access point. It's got me going out of my mind. The display says: ' Authenticating with AP' and is stuck there. Other wireless devices I have connect to the 1242 no problem and I'm using 128bit wep.

I've tried a factory reset but that didn't work. I'm using the phone buttons to configure the phone and I've checked and double checked that all the details are correct but the phone will not associate.

One thing that did work was connecting the 7920 phone to a plastic home Billion router - it worked ok and I managed to get the phone up and running on cme. If anyone can help with this 1242 connection problem I'd be grateful.

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Re: need help: cisco 7920 ip wireless phone

I'm almost positive this was a very low-level protocol conflict with 7920 and all of the 802.11n access points. I searched but cannot find the defect (it may be private) but you're not going out of your mind. You can try opening a TAC case but my strong recommendation is to work with your Cisco AM to get it traded in for a 7925. Move away from the 7920 as fast as humanly possible. Where's the emoticon for shudder?

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Re: need help: cisco 7920 ip wireless phone

johnathan thanks for your response, if this reply appears twice it's because there was a meltdown when I clicked 'post message'. I've had partial success since my last post and managed to get the phone connected to the 1242, albeit only with 40bit encryption, the 128bit wouldn't work. I had to reset both the 1242 and the phone back to factory defaults, start with no encryption and then the phone did associate. Then I slowly built up a config and made sure the phone could still associate with each step. Now I have to re-jig all my other wireless devices to associate with the new config (aaarrrgghhh), but at least the phone is working.

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