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need help for CME/CUE configuration

We have a project with several sites in different cities and countries. We have implemented CME/CUE in all remote sites and CCM/Unity in the central site. We have done the internal inter-site calls and the calls from any offices to other city's local PSTN.

Now the customer has a new requeirment. They want to dail to other cities through their IPT network when not being in office. For example, in one city, they dail a local number which is configured in CME/CUE, get dial tone, dial the other city's local number. This can be done with Unity. But how can we implement it with CME/CUE? Is there a way to configure this or we need CUE script? Thanks.

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Re: need help for CME/CUE configuration

Yes, you can do that, but don't use CUE, because it can't do that.

How sophisticated you want user authentication for calls to be ? There are certain TCL/IVR scripts that can be used for that, are embedded in IOS and only need configuration.

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Re: need help for CME/CUE configuration

Paolo, thank you so much for your reply.

The basic funtion is enough for this user. Could you post the link for how to configure TCL/IVR scripts?

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Re: need help for CME/CUE configuration

Hi Michael,

if you can have this setup to work w/o authentication (not recommended), just configure a pots DP with "incoming called-number XXX" where XXX is a free DID that you have. You will get dialtone and can dial freely.

Else, it's more complicated. Do "show call application voice | begin app_clid_authen_collect.tcl". You will see the script to use and how configure it.

You will then configure "aaa authentication local" and "username XXX password YYY" with the number that you use for authentication. You also need to download the package that contains the voice prompts from CCO, I can point you to the exact location if you need to. Then configure again a pots DP on free DID, with "incoming called-number" and "service app_clid_authen_collect". This may take some time to setup correctly.

Good luck!

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Re: need help for CME/CUE configuration

Hi Paolo,

I configure a DP with a free DID, so the default application "session" should work when the DID is dialed. In debug, I can see the call hits the pots port, but it looks like the application doesn't work on the DP? How can I correct this?

The DP configuration:

dial-peer voice 4293 pots

service session

incoming called-number 8994293


port 0/1/0:23


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