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Need help in connecting two CMs throught pt 2pt for 4 digit dialing

We were purchased by another company we are running 4.1 they are running 5.1 we are on 4digit ext 2200's and they are on 1700's. What do I configure to get these 2 CMs to talk to each other gateway??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Need help in connecting two CMs throught pt 2pt for 4 digit

u can do it in several ways

u can make what is called inter cluster trunk ICT which connect the two CMs directly and when u make for example a route-pattren to that company

like 1XXX

and on the gatway or route list chose the ICT u creat it which contain thier CM IP

and also they have to do the same thing on thier side in opest direction

they have to make route=pattern with 2XXX


u might have a gateway H323

and IP connectivity either with thier gateway or CM

make voip dial-peer point to either thier gateway if they use a gateway or directly to thier CM in this case they have to add ur H323 gateway to thier CM

for example lets say thier gateway Ip and they need from u to dial the extentions directly without adding any more digits

on the h323 do

dial-peer voice 1 voip

destination-pattren 1...

session target ipv4:

with h323 when u do this also do the following command

voice service-voip

allow connection h323-to-h323

the following link for ICT config (useful)

good luck

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