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Need help to migrate phones from Call Manager Business Edition to Unified Call Manager Enhanced (Ver. 9)

Hello Everyone,

I have a more than 100 IP phones connected and working on a Call Manager Business Edition. However these phones need to be migrated to another Server running Unified Call Manager Enhanced version 9. A simple migration from one machine to the other wouldn't work because of the different Call Manager editions. My distributor can provide me upgrade licenses to transfer the phones to the new machine.

My problem is that I cannot find a procedure how to apply these upgrade licenses. Do I have to extract the old licenses from the CM Business Edition and install them on the UCM Enhanced first although they are not compatible? Maybe someone knows a procedure that explains the way to do it.

Kind regards,



Need help to migrate phones from Call Manager Business Edition t

Hi Michael,

If your call manager 9 is installed , you can share the ELM file which u can get from below:

license management---license ---other fulfilment options ---generate.

Copy the file and paste in notepad.

You can share this file along with PAK codes to licensing team or you can generate license on your own by visiting the site and enter the PAK codes and paste the ELM file.

I do not think so you need to share the existing license file .installed on BE.

this is what I understand.



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