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New Cluster

We investigation the option of separating from the existing cluster that we are on, and creating a new cluster. We are on CCM 4.1.

1.) could we export the licenses from one cluster to another. If not, could we still purchase the Licenses if 4.1/4.2 are out of sale.

2.)Would we have to re-build the existing Subscribers to Sync to the new Pub, or just re-point.

3.) Are there any other consideration that we need to address.

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Re: New Cluster

i'm not sure about licenses but you need to rebuild the servers to use them in other cluster, it's not as easy as just "repoint" something

servers will be integrated into the new cluster and will wipe out any info from previous cluster so there is really nothing to worry about since you need to rebuild them.



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Re: New Cluster

Since 4.1 is end of life and no sale, you will not be able to purchase additional software or licensing. If were to create a new cluster, i would create the new cluster as 6.x and move forward.

Since it's a new cluster, you would have to purchase the DLUs and new 6.1 software. For the old cluster, at some point you will have to upgrade it. Which if you have a smartnet contract and are entitled to upgrades, the DLU's and 6.x software is included. (possibly need a new server(s).

What is your current topology? (1) subscriber and Publisher? Or do you have more than (1) sub?

If you had (3) Subscribers and (1) Publisher, you could do this:

Check to make sure the hardware will work with CUCM 6.x

Remove (2) subscribers.

Purchase new DLU's and 6.1 software

Rebuild as Pub and Sub new cluster

Install license

Bulk in the phones

Create an Inter cluster trunk

Create a new Unity integration (because you can have multiple integrations with (1) unity server)

HOpe this helps

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