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New Corporate Directory


I have a customer who would like to have the ability to search two different corporate directories and have two links on the phone. The first corporate directory should act as normal and searc throught he Active directory and return the configured number but the second one I want to be able to search a different field like mobile numbes and have it displayed on the phone as MOBILE CORPORATE DIRECTORY.

Is this possible?


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Re: New Corporate Directory

Hi Paul

Yes - it's possible. It may be trickier than you think however.

The list of directories is still a merge of the local phone directories (missed/received/placed) and the server based ones (corp and personal in 5.x) - so you have the option of adding additional directories by creating another directory list and redirecting the appropriate URL to it.

If you are on a Linux CCM this would of course need to be hosted on a separate web server since we don't have OS access any more.

Your standard CM directories url is http://callmanager/ccmcip/xmldirectory.jsp (or something slightly different for Linux, check Enterprise Parameters to find it)

It basically returns something like this:

Select a directory

Personal Directory

Corporate Directory

So you can create a copy of this, add a new "MenuItem" to it, serve it from a web server, modify the Directories URL in service parameters to point at it, and you then have a new directory in the list.

Of course, you then need to have a directory to point at - there is an LDAP directory example in the CM SDK you can get from after some further navigation.

If you're not familar with web server development and LDAP etc it would be best to find someone who is...

Hope this helps


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Re: New Corporate Directory


Based on my attached file what needs to be changed to search the ipphone field instead of the telephonenumber field?  On a side note, we have the telephone number field setup using the e.164 format (+11234567890) but I'm not sure the best way to transform this number to our internal 6 digit extensions without having to match and strip the NPA-NXX and add the 2 digit office identifier for over 30 different phone numbers (ex. 312.234.xxxx is our chicago office and the extensions are 10xxxx).  Until I figure this out I want the calls from corp directory to be done using the direct 6 digit extension. 

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