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new phone registration logs


please how can i see the logs for new phone registration.i have a phone trying to register with callmanager,but failed.from where i can see the logs for the registration failure..


Re: new phone registration logs

On the Cisco CallManager server, choose Administrative Tools > Event Viewer and examine the entries under the application log. Every time a service starts, stops, or encounters an error, the system logs the event in the Event Viewer window.

Re: new phone registration logs

What version of CUCM are you refering to 4.x, 5.x, or 6.x. If you are using CUCM 4.x then you retrieve the CCM traces from within the c:\program files\cisco\trace.

Unfortunately it is not as straight forward as that for CUCM 5 and 6. You will need to install the RTMT tool in order to receive the logs.

However, a couple of things you could check before going down that route:-

1. Check the network settings on the Phone. Does it have an IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default-Gateway, and a TFTP server?

If not then you need to check your DHCP scope, and/or the switch-port configuration for the correct voice vlan assignment?

2. If the phone comes up with registration rejected, then review the phone configuration in CUCM, and ensure you have the correct MAC.

3. Verify that the TFTP service is running on the server which the DHCP TFTP option is pointing towards.



Re: new phone registration logs

A short path to troubleshoot Allan says, if it shows 'Registration Rejected' or whatevar, go to Settins>Network Configuration and check for 'IP address, subnet mask, default router, DHCP server and TFTP server', then guide yourself accordingly.

One important thing, check you phone whether it's 'DHCP Enable=Yes', if it is set to 'No' then it will fail to retrieve IP from DHCP pool, make it 'No' by editing, you have to unlock the settings by pressing '**#'.

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