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New to CCM - totally lost...

So here I am wrapped up in one of those cases where I inherited a system with no training or support. And from what I can tell, our reseller says that Smartnet is no longer available for our version (Call Manager 3.2). And now I see that one of the servers (Subscriber) is logging a few thousands Error event each day. I guess that the good news is that the errors are all the same:

Error: kCtiIncompatibleProtocolVersion - Incompatible protocol version. Message Version: 20000 Minimum Version: 30000 Current Version: 30000 CallManager Version: UNKNOWN_PARAMNAME:QBEApplicationVersion: IPAddress: App ID: Cisco CTIManager Cluster ID: CCM02-Cluster Node ID: Process ID: 940 Process Name: CtiHandler Explanation: The JTAPI/TAPI version is not compatible with this version of CallManager, so received message has been rejected. Recommended Action: Verify correct version of components are being used; otherwise, contact TAC..

So of course my questions are, what is this and how do I fix it? And guidance is greatly appreciated. I should also share that this is a Windows 2000 Server and we have about 75 employees.


Re: New to CCM - totally lost...

Do you have a call center ? This could be an error due to incompatibility of JTAPI which is a protocol used between a Cisco product called IPCC (used for Callcenter) and Cisco Callmanager. Usually this error may be fixed by downloading the JTAPI plugin from the Plugins section in Cisco Callmanager administration and installing it on the IPCC server. What is the device with IP address ?

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Re: New to CCM - totally lost...

No, no callcenter. is the DNS server.

Re: New to CCM - totally lost...

Thats really strange that your DNS server is using JTAPI. Do you have any other IPTelphony servers other than callmanager ? Is the DNS server your domain controller (AD) ?

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Re: New to CCM - totally lost...

That is strange- I always assumed that jtapi was a Cisco thing. No, the DNS server is not a DC - but is does also run BES (Blackberry server).

The only other IPT servers are the CCM Publisher and Unity (voicemail). They are and, respectively.


Re: New to CCM - totally lost...

JTAPI is not proprietary Cisco, JTAPI (Java Telephony Application Programming Interface) was developed by Sun (see

JTAPI may be used by other vendors like Blackberry and if there is a mismatch in versions you will see these kind of errors.

I would not be surprised if it is the BB server as BB uses JTAPI to integrate with Lotus Notes Sametime. See this article:

Don?t have any further info or knowledge on this, but hope it will help,


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