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New to SIP; Need some help

I'm having some difficulties getting outbound SIP calls to work properly. When I dial the number, it rings once and then goes to fast-busy. The phone on the other end recieves the one ring.

Here is the call flow:


I feel like it may be a codec mismatch as the debugs indicate reason code 47, which is defined as a lack of resources. I have attached the debugs and config. I apologize in advance for any relevant information that I'm likely leaving out.



New Member

New to SIP; Need some help

Why do you have the call going to the H323 gateway first instead of having a SIP trunk in CUCM pointing towards the CUBE. I would tend to agree with you that it is most likely a codec mismatch / transcoding issue. A good place to start is here which has some good examples of CUBE/SIP trunks.

New Member

New to SIP; Need some help

I inherited this setup, so my predecessor made the descision on using h323 vs a SIP trunk. Until recently, we have only been using SIP for incomming, but now we want to use it for outbound as well which is the reason for my current situation.

Thanks for the info, it's greatly appreciated!

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