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New Member

Newbie needs help moving existing ip phone and router setup


My wife's company is moving her from a satellite office into our home office so they can close the office and save money.

I'm trying to help setup the ip phone - the network support/admin guy at her work isn't very helpful or knowledgeable, but I know even less than him.

I'm a software developer, so I understand technology, but I've only ever setup our home/home office ADSL modem/router and WiFi router/access point.

The company's main office is located in Sydney (Australia).  We are located in Melbourne (Australia).

In the satellite office, the ip phone was connected to a Cisco VPN router.  The router was connected to network infrastructure provided by the landlord.

The router connected over the internet to the main office.

We are trying to move the Cisco VPN router and the ip phone to our home office.

The Cisco router says "877 M" on the front.

The router also has labels (and barcodes) on the bottom that say:

"Cisco 871"

"Cisco 877"

and "Cisco 878".

Our home office has an ADSL2+ modem/router and a WiFi access point/router.

The Cisco router and the ip phone have been turned off, disconnected at the satellite office and carried to the home office.  Neither device has been reset, they should both retain all their configuration settings.

1. Is it possible to connect the Cisco router to our network and have it make the VPN connection to the main office so that the ip phone can be connected to the Cisco router and work with the main office?

2. If so, how do I connect the Cisco router to the home network, and how do I connect the ip phone to the Cisco router?

3. What settings in the Cisco router need to be changed and how/where do I do that?

I've downloaded the 857sg_bk.pdf file, which has too much information and not enough.

I don't know which of the many configurations I need to adapt, and I don't know how to view the current configuration.

How do I make changes?  The pdf describes the configuration commands, but doesn't tell me how to find the user interface so I can enter the commands.

If someone could point me towards documentation that can be used by a non-expert even that might be enough, if I knew what to look for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Super Bronze

Newbie needs help moving existing ip phone and router setup

Hi David

You are very likely to struggle with this. There are any number of security measures that may be configured at the far end (i.e. the head office) that prevent you doing from what you want to do.

First things first though - you list 871, 877, and 878. These are all different models, of which you will have one. See here ( for a list. Can you take a look at the back of it and see if it has an ADSL or 'WAN' ethernet port (i.e WAN port is the same as the four switch ports for phones/PCs etc)?

If it has an Ethernet WAN, you can try plugging that into your home ADSL router. It might then allow the phone to be connected to the Cisco router LAN ports.

Most likely it won't work, or it's an ADSL router. If it's ADSL you could hack the config and try and get it working on your ADSL. Even if you do that, the VPN connection may be limited to the internet IP of the remote office internet connection.

To be honest I would simply leave it to the company to sort out. I often have to do IT support for my partner as well, but with all the skills in the world there is a limit to what you can do if you don't have the requisite system access.


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