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Night Bell on Bogen Paging Unit with CCM 4.1(3)

We have a customer who has a Bogen PCM2000 paging unit and we are trying to get the night bell to work also. The overhead paging works fine but we cannot get the night bell to ring. We are using VG224 FXS port and have tested with an analog phone to verify it rings, we've also tested with a toner and when the toner is placed on wires on night ring, it rings but we cannot hear the night bell ring. Every so often you can hear a very low ring but not very often. It's almost like the FXS port does not supply enougn amp's or ringing volts to paging unit. Has anyone heard of this or is there something we can do to boost the power needed from the FXS port to the night ring on paging unit?

Any thoughts would help!

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Re: Night Bell on Bogen Paging Unit with CCM 4.1(3)

the only way I have been able to make night bell work is with a v-2003. even in the centers we have bogen amps. sl/v pr is night bell on v-2003. *note v-2003 is a valcom 3 zone paging controller

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Re: Night Bell on Bogen Paging Unit with CCM 4.1(3)

Keep in mind you will need two FXS ports one to the Page input of the Bogen and one to the high voltage ring signal input.

If you get desperate you could use a Valcom v-9924C It goes inline between the FXS port and the Bogen amp. You make three connections

1. to the FXS port you are paging from.

2. to the Bogen Amp.

3. to another FXS port that is programed to ring when needed.

Paging works as before but now when the second FXS port rings it inserts a ringing sound into the audio talk path.

But you should be able to get it to work with your existing equipment. Have you checked to verify that you are getting around 90 VAC from the VG-224 and that its hooked to the high voltage ring input of the Bogen?

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