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night-service question

All, I have implemented night-service for a CME install. I had the customer complain to me that on Monday they were getting calls early in the morning, before business hours. Here is what I have in place:

night-service day Sun 00:00 23:59

night-service day Mon 16:30 08:00

night-service day Tue 16:30 08:00

night-service day Wed 16:30 08:00

night-service day Thu 16:30 08:00

night-service day Fri 16:30 08:00

night-service day Sat 00:00 23:59

Im thinking that at 11:59 pm on Sunday, its unrolling and from 12 midnight to 8am there is no roll coverage for night-service. I have tried to put two entries for Monday, but it wont allow me to do so. Anyone know how to cover this timeframe, and also allow AFTER working hours as well for Monday?

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Re: night-service question

Would this do it? Business hours of Mon-Fri, 8:05 am to 4:30 pm. The rest is night-service. Would this cover Monday early morning as well?

(config-telephony)#night-service day Mon 16:30 8:05

(config-telephony)#night-service day Tue 16:30 8:05

(config-telephony)#night-service day Wed 16:30 8:05

(config-telephony)#night-service day Thu 16:30 8:05

(config-telephony)#night-service day Fri 16:30 8:05

(config-telephony)#night-service day Sat 8:06 8:05

(config-telephony)#night-service day Sun 8:06 8:05

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Re: night-service question

Hi John,

Yes, good thinking here :) I was going to suggest leveraging this parameter;

Beginning and ending times for night service, in an HH:MM format using a 24-hour clock. If the stop time is a smaller value than the start time, the stop time occurs on the day following the start time. For example, mon 19:00 07:00 means "from Monday at 7 p.m. until Tuesday at 7 a.m."

But you already have!

You might even simplify this further by doing this;

night-service weekday 16:30 8:05

night-service weekend 8:06 8:05

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: night-service question

Hey Rob, thanks for the confirmation. Yeah, I saw that in a doc and thought I could get creative, which is not one of my stronger suits. Anyway, thanks for verifying, I like the weekday and weekend idea better that you suggested. Will do that next time. Thanks, take good care.

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Re: night-service question

Hi John,

You are always welcome my friend :)

Take care,


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