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NM-CUE failed - recover hard drive?

Hi All,

We just had a NM-CUE module fail and then discovered the support contract had lapsed.  To make matters worse we don't have any current backups!

We procured a used NM-CUE, installed it and booted it up.  It looks good, came up with CUE 3.1.1.  I was not sure what had failed on the other module so I had them install the hard drive from the failed module onto the replacement module.  It appears to be reading the hard drive because it displays my login module when I connect to it via "service-module se1/0 session".  However, it is stuck in a boot loop.  The last thing I see before it restarts the boot process is this:

verifysignature_md5, Orig MD5 hash generated during encryption:fe24c93147f6946e5302d6bee3c2afb7

signatures do not match...

Invalid Kernel Signature !!!

Corrupted bzImage detected

CISCO_BL: boot_image: 0x1200000

Is there any way around this?  If not, is there any way to recover the configuration from the hard drive through a helper image maybe?  Or can the drive be read by a PC?

Resolving this is complicated by the fact that the 3825 is in Mexico.  The network support guy doesn't speak english and I don't speak spanish.  But if necessary I have someone there who is technically competent and also speaks english.



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