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no audio on voicemail

cisco 2651XM router

IOS: c2600-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T8.bin

sip trunk working and registered to

7940G ip phone

I have a problem with my ip phone connection in that I can't get any audio when calling my voicemail number, yet all other numbers work fine.

sipgate voicemail is 50000 from my sipgate phone, or 02070437777 from a different line. If I dial 50000 from the sipgate phone the display shows 'Connected' but there's no audio. If I also dial 02070437777 from my sipgate phone I get the same - connection but just silence.

What's strange is if I call the voicemail number 02070437777 number from a different line I hear audio so the problem has to be with my router. I've forwarded the port in the router, that didn't solve it.

I know I need to run a debug on this but my question is: which debug should I run?

I tried debug ccsip messages but I couldn't see anything in the log relevant to this problem. I also ran debug dialpeer, same result. I also ran debug voice call trap fsm but I couldn't see anything.

I know the problem is in the router config because if I use xlite on my pc I can get audio on the voicemail no problem.

thanks for any pointers.

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