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No forwarding local calls

I configured no forwarding local in voice register global. But local calls will still be  forwardet to other extensions with this configuration. My aim is, that external calls will be forwarded to the service desk but internal calls should get an busy tone or the phone should ring if the employee is not at his desk.


Isn't it possible?


I attached my configuration below.






voice register dn  38
 number 1103
 call-forward b2bua busy 1000
 call-forward b2bua noan 1000 timeout 22
 call-forward b2bua unregistered 1000
 allow watch
 pickup-group 7

voice register global
 mode cme
 source-address port 5060
 timeouts interdigit 3
 max-dn 400
 max-pool 110
 load 9971 sip9971.9-3-2SR1-1
 load 8961 sip8961.9-3-2SR1-1
 load ATA-187 ATA187.9-2-3-1
 load 6921 SIP69xx.9-4-1-3
 authenticate register
 authenticate realm all
 timezone 23
 time-format 24
 date-format D/M/Y
 mwi stutter
 mwi reg-e164
 no forwarding local
 voicemail 88000
 url directory
 url authentication User Password
 tftp-path flash:
 file text
 create profile sync 0292646025374674
 network-locale DE
 user-locale DE

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