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no ringtone on incoming call

I hve a client claiming that when she receieved an incoming call , her phone does not ring only flash .she has no problem receiving and making calls but just no ringing tone for incoming call .

she resolved it by resetting the phone.

Does anyone hve the same issue before ?

Thanks in advance


Re: no ringtone on incoming call

I wouldn't say it's a common issue but I've seen it before.

Have you checked the line settings for the device (see attached)? may be the device was configured to flash only, not ring?

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Re: no ringtone on incoming call


had the same "problem"! The phone user tried out the phone and pressed the DND button. DND is Do not disturb,so the ringer was off, and the status line of the phone showed DND. Just press DND a seccond time, and the ringing was back!



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Re: no ringtone on incoming call

I am having the same problem with a customer at a new site. The users report that they went in to view the ringtones available and after that there would be no audible alert for incoming calls. I checked the settings for the ringtone and also ensured that the ringer had not been turned down. When this is happening, they go into the ringtones and the Play button reports back "key not active here". Resetting the phone fixes the problem.

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Re: no ringtone on incoming call


I thk we have similiar issue. The user also mentioned abt setting the ringtone before it happen.I will highlight this to tac.Do update if you have more infos. Many thks,sp

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