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No sign-in boxes for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

I currently have around five machines where, when trying to log into CUPC, give a blue cisco dialog box with no place to put User ID, password or server. The dialog box closes on its own after about a minute.

When I create a problem report for the machines in question there seems to be a common denominator in the uc-client.log of the folllowing 2 lines, which I don't see when I run a problem report on a working CUPC:

ERROR [13] [Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.WpfUtilities.Utilities.RegistryUtils.TelProtocolHandlerMonitor] [Class.Method(0)] - Got an error - about to stop the monitor

ERROR [10] [Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.ServiceAdaptors.Adaptors.AdaptorManager] [Class.Method(0)] - Client Registration Failed, throwing SystemAdaptorException. [Message = SystemAdaptor.RegisterClient - TimeoutException [ClientName = CcClient/SecurityKey = b630fe1b-c8d9-4b3a-a0f0-3b1a0c87b7b2/ProfileName = Profile1/CallbackUrl =

These are  then followed by a number of warning lines relating to Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.ServiceAdaptors.Adaptors.Adaptor and appropriate threads.

4 of the machines are running XP SP3 (on a Dell Latitude D820), 1 is running Windows 7 (on a Dell Latitude E6510), Interestingly, all are laptops. All our other installs >100 machines (mixed Latitude 820/830/6510 laptops & Optiplex 755/760/780 desktops) are working fine. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the CUPC and reinstalling .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 but the problem is still there. The version of CUPC is

Any suggestions as to the cause of this problem and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

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No sign-in boxes for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

Update: Something strange happened this morning, 2 of the 6 machines that were exhibiting the above No Sign-in Box problem in CUPC are now working correctly. Both machines are completely different models of Dell Lattitude (D820 vs E6510) and there were no visible updates last night.

However, the remaining 4 machines still have the problem listed above, so any pointers/advice to getting this resolved on these would be greatly appreciated.

No sign-in boxes for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

hi Robin,

I have seen a problem similar to this caused by  CSCts82398. Can you try the workaround given?

Hope this helps!



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No sign-in boxes for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

Thanks Karthik

Could you point me in the right direction for the workaround.

Which part of this site is it on? Do you happen to have a link?

Only I am having trouble finding stuff using the search facility.


No sign-in boxes for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

Hi Robin

These are the details on this bug. I'm not sure if this will assist you or not.

CSCts82398 Bug Details
CUPC 8.5 crash - java heap OutOfMemory error - large number of emails.
CUPC 8.5 crashes when customer has large number of mails. We overfill java heap space with message header cache

Large number of mails.

Disabling voicemail service
Status Status
Severity Severity
3 - moderate

Last Modified Last Modified
In Last Year

Product Product
Cisco Unified Communications System

Technology Technology

1st Found-In 1st Found-in

Fixed-In Fixed-in

Component(s) Component

Interpreting This Bug
Bug Toolkit provides access to the latest raw bug data so you have the earliest possible knowledge of bugs that may affect your network, avoiding un-necessary downtime or inconvenience. Because you are viewing a live database, sometimes the information provided is not yet complete or adequately documented. To help you interpret this bug data, we suggest the following:
  • This status of this bug is Resolved but "fixed-in" version information is unavailable to provide you.
  • The problem described in the bug report is "fixed-in" all release versions targeted to be fixed and all changes have been successfully tested. Normally, the assigned engineer moves a bug report into this state.
  • Any "workaround" listed in the bug details section is generally provided as a way to circumvent the bug until the code fix has been completed; often in lieu of downgrading to a non-affected version of code.
  • Sometimes the bug details, when available, contain the "fixed-in" version information or link to the upgrade or patch.
  • Check for a newer release in software download center and check the software release notes to see if this bug has been "fixed-in" that release.
  • A fixed-in version may not be available for download yet until all the other bugs targeted to be fixed for that major release are processed. No release date information is available to Bug Toolkit. Please check the software download section frequently to look for a new version.
  • Bugs with this status may lack documentation but are often updated throughout the life of the bug.
  • You may select "Save Bug" and setup an alert to be notified about future updates to this bug.
  • This bug has a Moderate severity 3 designation. Things fail under unusual circumstances, or minor features do not work at all, or things fail but there is a low-impact workaround.
  • This is the highest level for documentation bugs. (Bug Toolkit may not provide access to all documentation bugs.)
  • Severity levels are designated by the engineering teams working on the bug. Severity is not an indication of customer priority which is another value used by engineering teams to determine overall customer impact.
  • Bug documentation often assumes intermediate to advanced troubleshooting and diagnosis knowledge. Novice users are encouraged to seek fully documented support documents and/or utilize other support options available.
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No sign-in boxes for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

Thanks for taking the time to track down and post.

As you say, it does not look like it is applicable to what I am seeing.

But, it has brought my attention to the Bug report facility. So, I am in the process of getting additional services registered on the account through Cisco so we can access this support resource.



No sign-in boxes for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

No worries Robin, best of luck.


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