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Nokia E-sereis

Hi all,

i have read some documents saying that the new nokia e-series phones with dual mode can be integrated with IPT.

i have some questions :

1- which CM version is supported ?

2- What protocol (SCCP or SIP) and in case of SIP what is the requirement if i have CCM5.x ?

3- Is there any vendor rather than Nokia that can be integrated with CCM ?


Re: Nokia E-sereis

1. It is supported with CM 5.x and later.

2. SIP is definitely supported. I think Cisco had licensed SCCP to Nokia to customize it on their phones. Not sure when this is coming.

3. To integrate third party phones you will have to use SIP and the phones have to conform with RFC3261.

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Re: Nokia E-sereis

yea, Cisco and Nokia had an agreement where a few Nokia phones would support SCCP. Currently AFAIK, Nokia E61 (rev3),62 and 65 series supports it. Not sure which CM version currently supports it though. Support for this should be available in CM 5.x shortly if not already available

Cisco Employee

Re: Nokia E-sereis

Here is the link about this:

Supported Cisco infrastructure:

? Cisco Unified Communications

Manager 4.1x

? Cisco Unified Communications

Manager 4.2

? Cisco Unified Communications

Manager 5.x

? Cisco Unified Communications

Manager Express 3.4

S60 3.0 Mobile Devices:

? E60 PR3

? E61 PR3

? E65

? E61i

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