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Nortel vs Cisco.

Hello all,

Our manager give me a task to prepare a presentation about feature comparison between Cisco IP Telephony and Nortel telephony system, and the strenght points that let Cisco is better than Nortel.

The problem that I dont know have any information about Nortel system and I cant get this information, So any one have any information about that comaprison please report me,,

Waiting yours replies,,

Thanks a lot.


Re: Nortel vs Cisco.

Which specific platform or IP PBX size you are trying to compare

Google has a lot of info

"nortel vs cisco voip"

Dont expect someone to do all the homework for you here, please ask for more specific information about an specific product and feature


Re: Nortel vs Cisco.

Technically  this is the wrong Web Site, it is a bit lile going to a  Ford only Dealship and asking a commission based salesman why Ford is a better then a Lambo......

I alway found that depending on who you ask,  will effect the outcome

  • Are you asking Voice guys or data guys
  • Is your data network Cisco or other
  • What is your existing telephony infrastructure

Both systems have their merits, years ago Cisco would say that IPT was cheaper and talk about costs savings - VIOP calls etc as their system had no features when compared to any TDM system so that was their selling point - telco calls are now so cheap however the Cost approach is now dead as any IPT install will always cost you more then upgrading an existing TDM to a IPT, TDM approach

  • What do you want to do with telephony - Dial Tone only  or wish to deploy other applications- Cisco i very expensive if DT is the only thing yo want to do
  • Is yours firm sale based, field based- Do you need integration into mobile devices such as Blackberry, Mobile devices, Remote working etc  
  • How many users does your company have, how many remote offices
  • If you have a central organization in international offices how important is Nortel, Cisco support. You would probably get Cisco in most countries as opposed to Nortel
  • A few years ago Nortel hooked up with MS and so since MS has the desktop, it looked that that was their way into companies since MS did not have a strong telephony presence while Nortel did but I do not think that has paid off.
  • Cisco has links in MS through OCS, the desktop guys like that
  • Cisco admin is more GUI based, Nortel is still overlays with separate programs for each area
  • Who are your telephony guys - Nortel ?so they will come out probably on the Nortel side
  • Who is going to support it - Voice, Data
  • Both use linux, less updates
  • Cisco uses many servers depending on the apps you deploy
  • Cisco can make use of VMware
  • Supplier support- Cisco potentially single Vendor support, Account Management, Nortel still separate Vendors to manage?

On a less formal  note, one of the reasons I came out in favour of Cisco when I had to do a review of Nortel, Avaya, Siemens was on the future job market         

That`s my thought anyway , hope they help

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Re: Nortel vs Cisco.

Mr. iptuser

Thanks so much for urs help, and I hope that informations being useful to me.

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