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Not able to dial LD

Hey all! I am having a difficult time putting my finger on this issue. I am not able to enter all 10 digits to dial a LD call before the 7-digit filter (incorrectly) sends out the number, coincidentally, returning a busy signal. I have removed the filter, allowing us to dial the full 10 digits, but we not have to dial 956 (the local) area code to call the neighbor.

Obviously the latter is the lesser of the two problems, hence why I have kept it like that.

If anyone can help me, please let me know what information you would like and I will reply with whatever you need! Thank you


Not able to dial LD

Do you have Urgent Priority checked on the 7-digit route pattern? This shouldn't happen in a normal situation.

The system will start dialing only after the T302 timer expires.

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