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New Member

Not able to make Outbound call via FXO port

Hi Everyone !!

I have a cisco 1751 router {IOS  12.3(26) } with PVDM12 and VIC-2FXO Card connected to the Call manager using H.323
Both PVDM and VIC-2FXO  are detected but while router boots up I am getting the below  error

Jan  8 16:06:48.571: %IPM_DSPRM-3-ERROR_DSP_BOOTLDR_DNLD: Boot loader download failed for dsp 0 in dsp group 0
Router>MP agent on host Router is undergoing a cold start
Jan  8 16:08:41.283: %IPM_C54X-1-DSP_TIMEOUT: dsp 2 NOT RESPONDING.

Cisco recommendation for the above error is to remove and insert the PVDM or Replace the PVDM.

I tried removing and Inserting it back but no luck but I have not tried with a new PVDM as it burns extra hole in my pocket.

Please find the Logs attached for call failure (Pls open with Word pad to retain the Red Highlights)
Some details of the call are

Calling : 3002
Called  : 04444444121

Route pattern : 95 with PredotTrailing# removed setting enabled.
Route List : 1751_RL
Route Group : 1751_RG
H.323 Gateway :
Call Manager :

Debugs enabled are

debug voice ccapi error
debug voice ccapi inout
debug voice source-group
debug voice translation
debug voice enum detail
debug voice enum summary

debug voip ccapi error
debug voip ccapi inout
debug voip source-group
debug voip translation
debug voip enum detail
debug voip enum summary

debug vtsp all
debug vtsp event
debug vtsp status

debug vpm all
debug vpm dsp

debug dspapi all
debug dsprm all

debug dialpeer

I have highlighted some of the findings in RED. In the last part check the "act_disconnect_no_dsp_chan" event.
If it is a DSP problem, is there any other debug command to narrow down to DSP ?

Could somebody help me on this please ??

Thanks !!


New Member

Re: Not able to make Outbound call via FXO port

Goodmorning All,

I got Outbound problem resolved after issuing "dial-type dtmf "  for each FXO port.

Was a silly mistake but consumed lot of my time. Hope it might help someone in the future....

But why didnt i note it from the debug logs ??

Thanks !!


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